New 2016 Setup

Alrighty, so it’s the new year and I’m starting it off with some nice changes.

– I got a refurbished(but seems pretty much new) 27″ IPS NEC EA273WM monitor back in November, during a clearance sale for about $90usd.  It’s actually a little too big for my taste, but I’m adjusting, and it is quite nice to use.  It has this human sensing auto off function, so when I step away for a bit, it turns off, then when I sit back down it turns back on before I’m even ready to use it again.
– Then I’m using my old Acer 23″ as a secondary pc monitor, that gets hooked up to my laptop that stays behind me.
– Got some nice green LEDs for mood lighting since it was only 7 bucks.

– And now using an old phone as a clock.


It’s not crazy big changes, but I’m happy with it so far and should make gaming nice and comfy.  I really like the extra room I have with the new monitor since it has built in height adjustment, I don’t lose space to ghetto boxes for extra height anymore.


Rest of my setup consist of:

-Xbox 360

-Xbox One

-MSI GT780 laptop

– A racing style black and red vinyl recliner chair.

-Still have my G27, but it doesn’t get much use since it doesn’t work natively on Xbox.  :\

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