I’ve redesigned my website once again. This time to make it more compatible with mobile/touchscreens now.  It’s nothing fancy and not perfect, but I liked how it turned out.

-I’ve also re-organized how categories work.

-Home just now takes you to my About Me page.

-To see all my post you simply click on the All Posts in the menu(button in top-left corner).

Old Layout:


All Posts Site Updates

Added a ‘Lights on” theme.  To change to it, click the DKO button in top-left corner >> Change Theme >> Lights on.

It’s in very early stages, but seems to be working.  I’ve tweaked a few other things as well. Overall, pretty happy with how the changes are coming along. :>

All Posts Site Updates

As you can tell, the website is now darkened.  Dark websites have become my ultimate favorite to be on, and my website should be no exception.  I feel it is easier on the eyes, and overall, as a personal preference, I just like dark backgrounds with light text.

I believe there may be a few glitches here and there, but overall, the main stuff should be working and I’ll be getting the minor bugs all squashed over time.  I may also make it easier to switch back to light if that’s what you prefer.


It wasn’t bad, but it’s to have my site match what I love about other websites. Dark! :>



All Posts Site Updates

This is screenshot of what my old website looked like.  I updated to the new one a few weeks ago now.  But might as well have something to remember what it used to look like.  :>

(Click to enlarge)


All Posts Site Updates

Welp, looks like the world didn’t end :P, and we are moving along through 2013. I am making some big changes to my website, mainly the new Windows 7 like layout.  Still have more I want to do to it as well(also fixing bugs that you may come across while surfing the site).  So looking forward to finalizing all the changes/bug fixes.

I am working on much more also, like an update for my Gom skin to 1.4, which will be my final release. A new Gom skin that resembles a flash player, and hopefully much more of other things.

I’ve been wanting to commentate on racing stuff, so hopefully I will get around to it. I bought a Blue Snowball mic not too long ago, and looking forward to putting it to good use.

2013 should be a nice and busy year for me.

All Posts Site Updates

Well, I had previously thought I lost everything, but I forgot Google keeps a cache of websites.  So I have been able to retrieve pretty much all my post from Google.

Downside is, it is messing up the layouts I had of the post, so sorry for the messiness.  i will go thru and fix all that, and this time I will make sure to have everything backed up.  I made a qcon post on May 29th that I lost, was sorta lengthy, but I will just re-write later on.  For now I am so happy I have been able to retrieve everything, and trying to put every thing back where it was.

All Posts Site Updates

Well this is a lesson learned to remember to back up more, apparently my database got corrupted and I lost all my post since I had to reset it.  Guess that is the roughness of life, I’ll be doing my best to get all the post back up since a lot I can re-write from memory and a few I did have saved in txt files.  Still sucks, and I will definitely have a better back up system for if it happens next time.

All Posts Site Updates