I’ve been working on this for a while,  this is just a small sneak-peak of upcoming update. The new design may not be for everybody, but I like the direction I’m headed in. This will be quite a big update, and will hopefully keep it things stable.  I thought I was going to have 1 final build back on 1.4.  But after seeing it crash from GOM 2.2 update, I decided to check the code, and sure enough, I had many small bugs/new ideas.  I’ve since been working on it, and becoming quite happy with how it is turning out.

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– Buttons are bigger

– Squared the edges

– A new Control Panel, which has a DVD tab to control dvd’s easier.

– The playlist window has been redesigned as well.  A-B Repeat is now on the bottom for easy access, along with the repeat/shuffle are now located on the bottom.

– Removed the music skin, don’t see it being needed.

– Doubled the amount of colors to choose from.

– And much much more, basically have reworked every single line of code as well as redone every button/image.

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Meant to look like a semi generic web video flash player.  But also was my take on what Gom would look like as a flash player. Version 1.0 crashes in GOM Player update(, that released August 29th, 2013).  So start using this one to fix. 1.1 Update Log: Fixed the crashing caused by GOM v2.2 – Added Bookmark/A-B Repeat tags – Changed tooltip color to white text, black background

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PAST UPDATES: 15 Feb.  2013 Download ScreenShot
And if you’re really feeling generous, feel free to donate. Thanks for downloading/using my skin, I really appreciate it!

All Posts GOM Skins My Work

A dark-ish, fairly minimal skin for GOM Player that also allows you to choose between 17 colors. I tried to make the text/buttons easy to read and the buttons as big as I could. This is based from Suteki-EX theme by Churo, with mixes of other themes. Also works good for music.

It seems a GOM Player update(, that released August 29th, 2013) caused 1.4 and lower to crash GOM completely. I may go back and fix my older versions in case some of you would still prefer the to use them.

1.5 Update log:
–  Fixed the crashing caused by GOM v2.2
– Added bookmark tags
– Added A-B Repeat Start/End tags,
– Adjusted volume slider to go better with going to 200% as per new default of GOM
– Changed the tooltips to white text/black background.

suteki_restyled 1.5.img
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1.4a Feb. 16, 2013 Download  ScreenShot
– Default color is now Orange to match Gom Player colors.
– Redid some buttons for nicer/cleaner look
– Added a dedicated color changing button
– Tweaked some colors a tiny bit
– Redid the Control Panel for cleaner/better look.
– New background
– Fixed some minor bugs where buttons could be clicked when mouse wasn’t even over it.
– Condensed the file size from 268kb to 144kb by cutting out any unnecessary things out of the image files/xml’s.

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All Posts GOM Skins My Work Suteki Restyled