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This game is unbelievably fun, if you haven’t heard of it, check it out here,

 There is a free version called Creative, where the limits of building/making stuff is unlimited.  The paid version puts you in Survival mode where you get dropped into a random spot, and you have to hurry up and start crafting things to survive your first night.  So you won’t get killed by the night monsters.  There is Spiders, Skeletons that shoot arrows, Zombies and a surprise enemy that lets say, you better not get near them, or well, without spoiling it, you’ll find out xD.

The world is HUGE, it randomly generates uniquely for every person, or every game you start(you get 5slots for 5 different worlds you can create). Just to put it into perspective, its about 3 times the size of our earth that you can explore.  There is caves,hills, oceans, all sorts of very neat things to explore, so the game can get pretty addicting.  There is always something to do, whether its mining, farming, building your house, or just exploring, the game just never ends.  There is no story as of yet, but I rather like that aspect as you essentially create your own story and your own paths through out the world.

Here is a vid of my house,

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