2015 Year in Review

Oh boy, what a fun year.

rp_MyAvatar_hi.jpg– It started out a bit slow on earning achievements, but after the first month I was averaging 5,000 gamerscore each month.  A few months I got close to 9k gs.

– I got an Xbox One in April of 2015(which is really the cause of my spike in getting so many achievements/gamerscore).

– I started 101 xbox games.

– I played 130 xbox games.

– I Completed 52 xbox games(at least achievement wise).

– I got 2,920 achievements.

– I Earned 65,220 total gamerscore, about 31k of that is from the XB1 alone, it just has so many easy/cheap 1,000gs games.  But I enjoyed playing them all.

– I hit all my achievement goals I set, and ended the year with way way more gamerscore than I predicted(was expecting to be at 50,000 something gs, not ending the year at 80k gs like I did.)

  •  -Hit 20,000 gamescore by Feb. 11th, 2015.
    -Hit 30,000 gamerscore by Apr. 2nd, 2015.
    -Hit 40,000 gamerscore by May 31st, 2015.
    -Hit 50,000 gamerscore by Jul. 16th, 2015.
    -Hit 60,000 gamescore by Aug. 30th, 2015.
    Hit 75,000 gamescore by Nov. 10th, 2015(was my year end goal).
  • Hit 1 year on my achievement streak on Sept. 5th, 2015.

– I started 2015 off at 15,725gs, and ended at 80,945gs.

Link to my TrueAchievement 2015 stats.

Link to my Xbox.com 2015 stats(pdf).

– Semi-modded my xbox 360 controller this year.

Black and White x360 Controller


– Redesigned my website so it’d work better on mobile/load faster/use less resources.

– I got a nice 27 inch IPS monitor.


Overall, I had a pretty good achievement year.  I was able to keep my streak going, and as of this posting I’m at 491 days. I’m ready for 2016, and know it’s gunna be over before I even realize it.  :>



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