About Me

Hi, I’m David “dkillone/dkill1” Richards.

-I love getting xbox achievements in racing games, halo/shooters, puzzles and a few other misc genres on Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Windows 8/10, and Xbox One. I track it all using TrueAchievements.com, I know it sounds like an advert plug, but it’s not, that site is just truly the best.  Nice community, active, and I love love seeing all my stats broken down by year/month/day, etc.


-I enjoy working on computers/electronics, doing web design, browsing reddit, and just doing misc things from time to time like streaming/youtube/making gom skins.

-I’m a bit of a tv junkie(Sci Fi, action, comedies, documentaries, and some drama).

-I like to workout/hiking(though I don’t hike as much as I’d like to).

Overall, there isn’t much to me, I’m just your everyday next door neighbor.  I do my best to enjoy life the way I see fit whiling doing my best to be nice/respect others as that is the way I want to be treated. Hope you like my website, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.



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Last Updated: 7:31 PM Thursday, April 2, 2015

  • Marc

    Your website is starting to look great. Keep on trucking

  • Jigglywiggly

    This is a hot site

  • JoKeR from Ny

    Hey great website man , good luck with it and may the force b wit u.

  • Indestructive

    Great site I love your work.

  • Diana

    Great site son! Good-excellent-job!! :)

  • mcvc

    Hello, nice to meet you, I have Asus G73 and been having GSOD problems, I saw you have had same problem and had same vbios as I am having now as I read from your post on notebookreview forums, you said you changed to new vbios and dont have anymore GSODs? wondering if you can give me a hand on some tips and where to get the new vbios you have?

    Thank you
    Best Regards

  • mcvc

    nice wallpapers/websites you made by the way :D

  • dkillone

    Well, I actually dont have a G73JH anymore, but when I flashed it I was using a clevo vbios. Now some more ppl have gotten involved and made a even better vbios to flash.

    I haven’t really been reading on the Asus forums lately, but this post seems like it should cover any questions. Sorry I can’t be of much help, thanks for the comments.
    G73 GSOD Fixes and Resources LINK

  • deacon

    looking good dkill

  • calxaum

    Hey man i saw your video about you using throttlestop to help you run GTA IV and if you had some time i could really use some help on something.

    • http://dkillone.com/ dkillone

      Hi, yeah, i’d be glad to help you out, I can email you, or if you have skype/xfire(both are under the username dkillone, just add me), that works too.

  • Janice Lynne Bailey

    Hi David I’m a friend of your mom’s! Nice looking website & some very interesting things, like the NASA info! I like the design/blue background and content striking in the middle with the side panel for extra info and links, it’s very different! I’ll pass the link to my sons!