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My February 2015 Achievement Stats

Gunna try something new.

Started the month at 18,320 GS.  Ended the month at 23,870 GS.

dkill1 won 256 Achievements in 22 games, for a total of 5,550 GamerScore.

Game Name Achievements Gamerscore
1. Halo 3 62 1,600
2. DiRT 49 1,000
3. MONOPOLY Deal (Xbox 360) 15 1,000
4. Project Spark (Win 8) 14 150
5. Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons 12 400
6. F1 2010 (PC) 20 285
7. Mirror’s Edge (Xbox 360) 11 220
8. Make It Rain: The Love of Money (WP) 13 130
9. Fallout 3 (PC) 10 180
10. Despicable Me: Minion Rush (WP) 9 80
11. Asphalt Overdrive (Win 8) 5 70
12. Despicable Me: Minion Rush (Win 8) 9 80
13. Asphalt Overdrive (WP) 5 70
14. DiRT 3 (PC) 3 40
15. Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) 10 105
16. Ridge Racer 6 2 55
17. Microsoft Sudoku (JP Ver) (Win 8) 2 30
18. Taptiles (Win 8) 1 10
19. Microsoft Sudoku (Win 8) 1 15
20. Microsoft Bingo (WP) 1 10
21. Microsoft Bingo (Win 8) 1 10
22. Forza Motorsport 4 1 10


Games Completed:

MONOPOLY Deal (Xbox 360) MONOPOLY Deal (Xbox 360) 15 of 15 (1,000) of (1,000) 100% on 25 Feb 15
DiRT DiRT 49 of 49 (1,000) of (1,000) 100% on 20 Feb 15
DiRT 3 (PC) DiRT 3 (PC) 50 of 50 (1,000) of (1,000) 100% on 10 Feb 15
Asphalt Overdrive (WP) Asphalt Overdrive (WP) 20 of 20 (200) of (200) 100% on 10 Feb 15
Asphalt Overdrive (Win 8) Asphalt Overdrive (Win 8) 20 of 20 (200) of (200) 100% on 09 Feb 15
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons 12 of 12 (400) of (400) 100% on 02 Feb 15



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2014 Year in Review

Mmk, this is gunna have a lot of xbox stuff in it, but here we go.

- First half of the year was slow, fell out of love with the F1 games, though that was already happening, but this year became its final year for those games.

- The real life F1 season was pretty great though, many good races, and while 1 team dominated the season, it was still never a sure thing which driver was going to win the weekend or even the WDC(World Driver Championship).

- I updated my website to make it look like Windows 8, darkened it up, and just overall, made it nicer.

- I got an Xbox 360 along with so so many cheap games. Average game price was under $5, and I got close to 20 games this year.

- I played about 65 games, 59 of them being achievement enabled games and A LOT of them being free.

- My Logitech G27 broke a month before the warranty ended, so was happy to get that replaced.

- I completed 5 1,000 gamescore xbox games, Halo 2(PC), Halo 1 Anniversary, Need for Speed Most Wanted(2005), F1 2011(PC), and Forza Motorsports 3.

- I earned 873 Achievements and a total of 13,655 GamerScore. That’s just from starting in June of 2014.

- In the month of September, I got 300 achievements(was pretty proud of that. :>)

- I hit 4 biggish goals when I decided to become an Achievement Hunter.

  • -500 total Achievements on Sept. 20th
  • -10,000 total Gamerscore on Oct. 8th
  • -15,000 total Gamerscore on Dec. 24th
  • -1,000 total Achievements on Dec. 30th

- My Suteki Restyled skin for GOM player got over 45,000 downloads. Thank you all for that!

In the end, I had quite a bit of fun this year, certainly got a lot done, and found a new love of hunting achievements. It is now 2015, hope you have a good new year and lets see what we accomplish.


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Achievement Hunting


So I bought a xbox 360 on the cheap, during the summer.  Since then. I’ve been enjoying achievement hunting. Funny enough, most achievements I’ve obtained in the past few months haven’t even been on the 360.

But, in the end, holy cow is it fun, enjoyable, and pushes you.  Getting achievements is a game within itself, it requires an entirely new skill to game playing. Of course, not all, some are incredibly easy to get, others, they take hours and outside the box thinking in order to get.

My ultimate goal is to get 10,000 Gamer Score before the year ends(currently at 6,685).  I started this year with about 2,500GS, so it will be cool if I can achieve 10k. I even found a cool website that helps with tracking, guides, and other cool stuff.  It’s called True Achievments(My Profile), they add their own scoring system, which, tbh, I don’t really care for as the official, is well, more official.

Anywho, long ways to go. Right now, I’m on 11 days in a row of getting achievements, for a total of 105.  My short term goals is to go for a 30 days streak, and obtain 300 achievements.  It will be tough, I’m not even sure I will end up doing it.  But it’s worth a shot, it pushes my competitiveness to win.

I’m pretty late to the game of achievement hunting, some say it is even a waste of time.  But I have picked up many new skills while trying to obtain some of the really hard achievements. To me, that is not worthless,  and it’s nice to be able to go back in time and see which games I’ve completed, which ones I haven’t, and even see the dates I played/got the achievements.  It is interesting to track all the data.


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Site Update 2 – 2014

Added a ‘Lights on” theme.  To change to it, click the DKO button in top-left corner >> Change Theme >> Lights on.

It’s in very early stages, but seems to be working.  I’ve tweaked a few other things as well. Overall, pretty happy with how the changes are coming along. :>

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Lights Out – Website changes 2014

As you can tell, the website is now darkened.  Dark websites have become my ultimate favorite to be on, and my website should be no exception.  I feel it is easier on the eyes, and overall, as a personal preference, I just like dark backgrounds with light text.

I believe there may be a few glitches here and there, but overall, the main stuff should be working and I’ll be getting the minor bugs all squashed over time.  I may also make it easier to switch back to light if that’s what you prefer.



It wasn’t bad, but it’s to have my site match what I love about other websites. Dark! :>



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F1-2013 Xpadder Theme

I should have made this sooner, but here is a F1-2013(game) xpadder theme.



(right-click >> Save link as)



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Suteki Restyled 1.6(huge update)

GOM Player96

It’s finally here!  Ok, this has been a long time coming update.  I know, I know, I said 1.4 would be my last update, but with it crashing on Gom v2.2.  I got the itch to start changing things and before I knew it, I ended up here.  I appreciate all of you that have been using past versions, and I hope you enjoy this new one.

It’s a dark-ish, fairly minimal skin for GOM Player v2.2 and above.  You can choose between 35 different colors.  It has a metro/win8 feel to it along with nice big/easy to read buttons/text.  This was based from Suteki-EX theme by Churo, with mixes of other themes, but I’ve now made so many changes, it really has become quite original in my humble opinion.

1.6 Update Log:


All Colors – (click to enlarge)

Main Window Changes:

  • - 18 new colors, Chardonnay, Fire Orange, Light Blue, Dodger Blue, Teal, Malibu, Turquoise, Dark Red, Ocean Green, Nature Green, Pear, Neon Green, Aquamarine, Bright Yellow, Hot Pink, Floral Pink, Light Purple, Night Purple.
    - To change color, click the “GOM” button in the upper left corner, this is in primary mode only.  To change the color in Top/Bottom mode, it’s still the same as before with the color button being on the right side of the main bar.
    - The Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons have been redone to look like Windows 8 OS.
    - In Top/Bottom mode, the volume slider has been moved into the playlist area(top-left corner, this was done to make it look cleaner/so the window can go to a smaller width).
    - Added a new bar with the time(very left) along with “Open” and “Check for updates” buttons. The check for update button allows you to easily get back here to see if there has been an update for the skin(you can also right-click to go to gom’s skin webpage). Also, the title will display in this area when in Top/Bottom mode(only shows when music(without album art) is being played).
    - Added buttons for GOM’s Homepage/Facebook/FAQ(top-right corner, disappears when video/album art is on screen).
    - Added in very top-right corner, Fit Video to Input and Volume Up/Down buttons.  They become transparent when video is being played, but buttons still work(fit to input button is always transparent).
    - The GOM/Sound logo + GOM text in the center now change color along with the time/volume sliders(this can be seen in image below), also added the skin version number in center.
    - Added GOM’s ad bar above the new  bar(disappears when video/music/album art is shown or player size is too small).
    - The Display Information bar has been moved onto the timeslider area(this makes it easier to see no matter the window size).
    - The tooltip hover has been tweaked to match the skin better.
    -Darkened the overall skin color.


Playlist Changes:

  • - The Playlist panel has been completely redone. Repeat/Shuffle are now on the bottom along with A-B Repeat being on either side instead of in the control panel(right-click to undo a-b repeat).
  • - Right-clicking on Repeat lets you add a bookmark, while right-clicking on shuffle can delete bookmarks.
  • - Added File Info and About buttons in playlist window(Primary mode only).
  • - The text buttons have been changed to icons to make it easier for non-english users.


Control Panel Changes:

  • - The Control Panel has been completely redone. Now the top row buttons are icons, did this to look more like metro/less language oriented.  All the text is bold/as big as I can get it so it’s easy to read.
  • - Audio tab is now default, along with moved the presets bar to the bottom in effort to match the new GOM 2.2 skin.
  • - New buttons added in the control panel are;  Audio Sync(faster,slower,default), buttons to change aspect ratio – 4:3, 16:9, 1.85, 2.35(right-click to reset to default),  Next/Previous Frames, Open Subtitles, Show/Hide Subs, and Bold Subtitles
  • - Added a DVD Control section in the Control Panel, this will make it easier to control dvds instead of having to go into the main menu and searching for them.
  • 1.6_cp_dvd-control.img

    The DVD Controls


  • - All buttons have been made bigger/easier to see/click(hopefully anyways).
  • - Removed Music mode(seems a bit redundant, there is now GOM Audio, and just seems too much trouble to switch to it only when music is playing.  I may put it back in and/or make it separate(if i get enough request.)
  • -Added Russian tooltips(there is also Korean, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, and English).  Hoping to have better language support for the buttons/image files that are in english, but that will have to wait for future updates(I originally planned it for now, but I kept making so many changes to the files, I had to hold off until I’m more stable on keeping this style.  But yeah, I will be working on it.)
  • - Made the file size smaller, 125kb(it was 223kb in 1.5, but it has been as low as 144kb.  I know it’s not really a big deal to make it smaller, but it’s nice keep it as efficient as I can.)
  • - Misc bug fixes/tweaks.
  • - Also, GOM should be adding youtube, ustream/other web features into the GOM Player.  I do plan on implementing those features into this skin once that update is out.



(click to enlarge)

*This update is intended for GOM v2.2.xxxx and above, there is a few things that disappear with lower versions, the skin still works, but I suggest updating to gom’s latest version to get the fullest experience out of this skin.*




1.5 Sept. 02, 2013*Critical* Download  ScreenShot
So it seems a GOM Player update(, that released August 29th, 2013) caused 1.4 and lower to crash GOM completely, I may go back and fix my older versions in case some of you would still prefer the to use them.
- Fixed the crashing
- Added bookmark tags
- Added A-B Repeat Start/End tags,
- Adjusted volume slider so it flows better with going to 200% as per default of gom, and
- Changed the tooltips to white text/black background.

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