About Me

Hi, I’m David “dkillone/dkill1” Richards.

-I started to love getting xbox achievements in summer of 2014 or so.  Mostly in racing games, halo/shooters, puzzle/platformers and a few other misc genres on Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Windows 8/10, and Xbox One.

TrueAchievements(TA) is the reason I became addicted to getting achievements.  It has a nice community, many active users, it breaks down all your stats by year/month/days, shows milestones every 5,000gs/250 achievements, leaderboards, and lastly, I really like their streak feature where you just have to get at least 1 online achievement daily to keep adding up the days(I started my streak on Sept. 5th, 2014 and still have it going).


-I enjoy working on computers/electronics, doing web design, browsing reddit, and just doing misc things from time to time like streaming/youtube/making gom skins.

-I’m a bit of a tv junkie(Sci Fi, action, comedies, documentaries, and some drama).

-I like to workout, though I’m not a junkie about it, just basic fitness/at best I do some Rushfit from time to time.

Overall, there isn’t much to me, I’m just your everyday next door neighbor.  I do my best to enjoy life the way I see fit, while still trying to help, be respectful, and generally being nice to others.

Hope you like my website, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly if you have any questions or even if you’re just needing somebody to talk to.



My TrueAchievements Profile
My Steam Profile
Trackmania Nations Forever(inactive)


Last Updated: 5:19 PM CST – Friday, January 15, 2016

  • Marc

    Your website is starting to look great. Keep on trucking

  • Jigglywiggly

    This is a hot site

  • JoKeR from Ny

    Hey great website man , good luck with it and may the force b wit u.

  • Indestructive

    Great site I love your work.

  • Diana

    Great site son! Good-excellent-job!! :)

  • mcvc

    Hello, nice to meet you, I have Asus G73 and been having GSOD problems, I saw you have had same problem and had same vbios as I am having now as I read from your post on notebookreview forums, you said you changed to new vbios and dont have anymore GSODs? wondering if you can give me a hand on some tips and where to get the new vbios you have?

    Thank you
    Best Regards

  • mcvc

    nice wallpapers/websites you made by the way :D

  • dkillone

    Well, I actually dont have a G73JH anymore, but when I flashed it I was using a clevo vbios. Now some more ppl have gotten involved and made a even better vbios to flash.

    I haven’t really been reading on the Asus forums lately, but this post seems like it should cover any questions. Sorry I can’t be of much help, thanks for the comments.
    G73 GSOD Fixes and Resources LINK

  • deacon

    looking good dkill

  • calxaum

    Hey man i saw your video about you using throttlestop to help you run GTA IV and if you had some time i could really use some help on something.

    • Hi, yeah, i’d be glad to help you out, I can email you, or if you have skype/xfire(both are under the username dkillone, just add me), that works too.

  • Janice Lynne Bailey

    Hi David I’m a friend of your mom’s! Nice looking website & some very interesting things, like the NASA info! I like the design/blue background and content striking in the middle with the side panel for extra info and links, it’s very different! I’ll pass the link to my sons!